The PREPARK-Concept


  • Truck driving times are strictly regulated: 9 – 10 hours a day and not a single minute more!
  • High economic pressure to find the very last free parking within the legal boundaries
  • BUT:
    • There are not enough highway parking areas for trucks in Central Europe
    • No extensive up-to-date inventory of parking place for trucks
    • Only very little dynamic information provided for drivers about available parking places
    • This information is not accessible behind the wheel



  • Collect relevant data through crowdsourcing
    • Static data about truck parkings
    • Dynamic data about current parking situation
  • Collect and deliver information directly at the wheel without distracting the driver



Just like traffic information broadcasted on the radio: PREPARK automatically informs the driver about the next accessible parking area and the current parking situation via voice.

To collect the parking situation a screen pops up shortly before reaching a parking. With just one click, Preparkers can then report the current occupancy.      

The smartphone app „PREPARK” is available for Android and iOS, no further equipment is needed. Drivers can send and receive the parking information behind the wheel with a minimum of distraction.


Join our trucker community and become a Preparker!

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